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The Hellsing Organization

Eternal Damnation

The Order of Hellsing
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We are the order of Hellsing, a group of people destined to fight and kill vampires under the name of the Lord. He will guide us and give rest to the eternal damnation. We are lead by Sir Integral (Integra) Hellsing and Alucard.

The the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen.

*~Introduction to the RP~*
The plot of the RP will loosely follow the manga and anime. The Nazis are our enemies, Iscariot and Hellsing don't get along, etc. However, characters that die in the manga/anime don't die here. (Ex. Alucard never ate Rip.) Also, it's a bit plotless at the moment. The plot will develop as the RP progresses

*~Basic Rules~*
1.] No God-Modding. In other words, no controlling other peoples characters without their permission. If you DO get permission, at least do an OOC statement that you HAVE permission. No God-Modding also means that you can't randomly give your characters superpowers to avoid the plot. Well, true, a lot of the characters DO have superpowers in a way, but don't take things TOO far. This is an important rule that will be enforced in grisly ways so don't you DARE break it.

2.] Grammar is something that we all love on this RP. Please make an effort with grammar and spelling. We don't mind typos because they are Satan and we have been plagued by them many, many times. All that we ask is you at least try to use capitals and correct punctuation and whatever you do, do not tYpE lYkE th!S.

3.] I suppose pairings are fine, but nothing too uncharacteristic. Mari is personally against all pairings so she might not approve. Just please try to stay in character and don't make freaky pairings like...Anderson and Alucard for example. Mari can't really see any yaoi or yuri pairings coming out of this RP, but if you're really vehement about it, I guess we won't stop you.

4.] Working off of rule number three, please respect the characters. We support adding personality quirks and anything that can make the character your own, but don't make the character just a vessel for a completely different personality. Also, no Mary-Sues/Gary-Stu's. If you are unsure of what these terms mean, ask the mods.

5.] This is a point that I can't stress enough. Please respect your moderators (that's us) and your fellow RP-ers. If you have a question, ask it in the OOC board or contact one of us Mods. If we say no to a request or something like that, please understand that we made the decision that we thought was best and don't throw a tantrum. We will not tolerate OOC bashing of other people's characters or of other people in general. Such actions will grant you a ban from the community. You get only ONE warning before we give you the boot.

6.] R and NC-17 content is allowed. In Example: Graphic violence, possible gore situations, sexual scenes, swearing/cursing, and other mature/adult themes. However, anything above a PG-13 should be labeled appropriately in the cut-tag and/or PREFERABLEY done on AIM or whatever.

7.] Stay active. Being very active via your character's AIM name is great but you need to keep your journals up to date. Your journals are your characters personal thoughts, feelings and memories, keep them going. You aren't expected to post every day, but try to at least post in your journals once every one-to-two weeks. At three weeks, we will make a Mod-Update entry in the hellsing_ooc journal to tell the active players if any characters are "dead" and up for adoption.

8.] There is a limit of two original characters at the moment. When those two spaces fill, we won't accept any more. However, since we are Hellsing fanatics, we are putting a lot of limitations on original characters. No "perfect" characters (i.e. Mary-sue, Gary-stu). No characters for the sole purpose of pairing with another character. No relatives or former loves of other characters. Those types of characters are breeding grounds for Mary-Sues. Please keep in mind that applications for original characters will be discussed much more harshly than applications for existing characters.
At the moment, we are not accepting original characters until the available character slots fill up. If you really want to because your favorite character is taken, IM MaritheDictator.

9.] Since this is a new RP, we're setting the limit to two characters per person at max.

*~Mods and How to Reach Them~*
Mari: marithegreat
AIM: MaritheDictator
E-Mail: marithegreater@gmail.com

Buyo: tempesta
AIM: Green Peace Nazi
E-Mail: zabuza_hidinginmists@yahoo.com

*~Community Map~*
Main RP: orderofhellsing
Where all of the RP-ing goes on. The basic format for your post should be:
When: (When it's taking place)
Where: (Where it's taking place)
Who: (The characters in the conversation.)
Why: (Optional. Why you're writing this.)

Your RP post (under an LJ cut)

OOC: hellsing_ooc
You can post just about anything here. You should post absense notices, character updates and changes, WHATEVER! Post your applications if you like. We won't yell at you for it. Abuse your rights, people!

Age: (Optional)
OOC Journal:
Contact Info: (AIM, Yahoo, e-mail, etc.)

Character Journal:
Character AIM: (Optional)
Sample RP Post: (In 3rd person)

*~Application for Original Characters~*
Age: (Optional)
OOC Journal:
Contact Info: (AIM, Yahoo, e-mail, etc.)

Description: (Hair, eyes, clothing, etc. Be VERY DETAILED.)
Brief History: (A breif description of your character's past.)
Hellsing, Millenium or Iscariot?: (You can have your character be an independent until they join up with an organization.)
Sample RP Entry: (In third person)

Send your Application to either Mari or Buyo. E-mail addresses and contacts are listed above.

If we do not reply to you within a week, then please feel free to post your application in the OOC community.

*~Taken Characters~*

Integra Hellsing
MUN: Mari
Journal: integraty
MUN's Journal: marithegreat
AIM: MaritheDictator

Walter C. Dornez
MUN: TK/Corey
Journal: waltershinigami
MUN's Journal: --
AIM: Tokaji Kyoden

MUN: Jay
Journal: bloody_count
MUN's Journal: sibilantmacabre
AIM: asibilantmacabre

Pip Bernadette
MUN: Jamie/Feyth
Journal: Pending
MUN'S Journal: lostfeyth
AIM: Lost Feyth

Integra Hellsing
MUN: Reiko
Journal: lil_draculina
MUN's Journal: reikofanel
AIM: Yes my Mashtah


Enrico Maxwell
MUN: Sara
Journal: archbishop_rico
MUN's Journal: blue_mew
AIM: ABlueMew2

Yumiko/Yumie Takagi
MUN: Mari
Journal: awakened_yumie
MUN's Journal: marithegreat
AIM: MaritheDictator

Heinkel Wolfe
MUN: Jamie/Feyth
Journal: sacredvengeance
MUN's Journal: lostfeyth
AIM: LostFeyth


Major Montana Max
MUN: Corey/TK
Journal: mad_major_max
MUN'S Journal: --
AIM: Tokaji Kyoden

First Lieutenant Rip Van Winkle
MUN: Buyo
Journal: rip_the_vampire
MUN's Journal: tempesta
AIM: Green Peace Nazi

Jan Valentine
MUN: Kris
Journal: bo0do0
Mun's Journal: saankyu
AIM: Bo0Do0

Zorin Blitz
MUN: Sue
Journal: zorin_blitz
Mun's Journal: speck_cat
AIM: --



*~Available Characters~*



Alexander Anderson


Major Kreig
Warrant Officer Schrödinger
The Doctor
Captain Hans Günsche


Luke Valentine
Tubalcaine Alhambra