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Because why the hell not... [Apr. 4th, 2006|10:35 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
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(ooc: Please forgive me if I’m skipping about or assuming too much. But seeing as how we’re going code blue, I figure what the hell could it hurt? If I need to change/amend/delete anything, just tell me. ^^)

Heinkel didn’t bother knocking. She had already phoned ahead that she and Yumie would be there in an hour. And if he was in a meeting, whatever it was, it could wait.

“Chief.” She stood in front of Maxwell’s desk, she was too uneasy to sit at the moment with the information she had gathered. “The Millennium Organization is involved with this. Judging by the attack on the Queen of England early this morning and the deaths of the Ministry of Defense agents that we were trailing, they have more than likely infiltrated it.”

She didn’t want to tell him in detail about the M.O.D agents she and Yumie had been told to trail. The sight of their remains was going to prevent her from eating for the rest of the day…

“The agents were taken out by ghouls. It seems a fair number of them…escaped death. We managed to find one of the agents in the streets, very much a ghoul…before he was killed he spoke of his Fuhrer and his last words were ‘Millennium’. I very much suspect that the attacks on both the M.O.D agents and the attack on the Queen of England were done by the same group.”

She stopped there and waited for his reaction and orders.