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I hate my job [Mar. 5th, 2006|02:46 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
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Integra sat at her desk, arms folded on the table in front of her. She was calm, outwardly, but she couldn't deny that she was truly worried about the incident with the Queen. She sighed, hoping that Alucard wasn't terrifying someone to death right now for no particular reason.

Running her hands through her long hair, Integra carefully studied her outline of the mission before her. This is too much, she thought with a sigh. This is far too much for me to take in one week. She finally lit the cigar that had been sitting beside her, taking a deep, calming inhale.

Now she just had to wait for Alucard to arrive with information and then breif those mercenaries. Integra grimaced. She hated this job.

[User Picture]From: bloody_count
2006-03-16 04:56 am (UTC)
The Midian listened to the human prattle with bored nonchalance. He kept his lounging stance against the wall, wondering if his master would throw a stapler at him should he dare to yawn convincingly. A snerked smile, hidden.

But the briefing came to a close and Walter beckoned him closer. Alucard ambled over to the desk and peered down at the retainer's offering with a quirked brow. How he loved human toys! So much death, so much carnage.

Eying the weapons interestedly, Alucard picked up the black box, palming it in his large hand. Sensitive fingers ran over the weapon, marveling at its deadly beauty. Truly, the Angel of Death was quite the connoisseur of fine art. His shark-like grin appeared. "Beautiful, Walter. Superb."

He took the offered case and turned wine-scarlet eyes to his master, wondering just why she was bothering wasting his talents on this insane little mission. But he merely kept his tongue in check and said nothing, giving her a little ironic head nod and snerked silently at the mercenary's discomfiture. Roll in it, little goose.

But to Integra's order, he merely replied, "As you wish, Master," and faded from view.
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From: waltershinigami
2006-03-16 05:06 am (UTC)
"Nothing but the best, Alucard." Walter replied as the vampire faded from the dark room. He took the cold dismissal from Integra in stride and, bowing slightly to her, replied with "You know how to contact me if the need should arise, Sir Integra."

Walter walked calmly out of the room, softly closing the door behind him. He had a few small tasks remaining to him before he could see an end to this day.
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