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The Order of Hellsing

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[Feb. 25th, 2006|11:19 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |contentextremely satisfied]

Major Montana Max slowly pulled back the trigger of the 9mm pistol, savouring every second of the infidels fear. A sly, disturbed smile crept across his face as the hammer came back and then sprung forward, attacking the bullet in the chamber. He never broke his gaze from his targets eyes as the bullet exploded from the chamber with a beautifully resounding pop, and lodged itself into the frontal lobe of his preys brain, with only a minor spray of blood coming from the newly formed hole in the targets forehead.

He turned around to face Lt. Zorin, and handed the still smoking gun back to her with a sigh of satisfaction. The infidel traitors had stood no chance against the Major and his forces, but that didn't mean he didn't enjoy the victory any less. He took a deep breath, smelling the gunpowder that was still hanging in the air. Of course Major Max would always save the best kill for himself: the so-called leader of the betrayers.

He started to walk away, but turned back to his lieutenant.

"Blitz, have this body and the body of his generals cremated, leave the rest to rot. They were only followers, and thus are worthy only of the maggots." Without waiting for a response, he walked back to his zeppelin, and went to his chambers. The guard outside the door stepped aside and soluted. The Major grinned, one day that guard too would die in battle, and be left for fodder. Before he closed the door however, he instructed that guard to have Rip immediately summoned to his quarters. He shut the door with a satisfied smile on his face.

He went and sat in his large leather chair behind his finely crafted red oak desk. His plans were coming together. The final battle was approaching, and it brought a childish smile of excitement to the Majors face to think about it. He made a metal note to check Herr Doctors progress on the Program updates. Montana Max steepled his fingers by his face, smiling with all the content in the world, and waited.