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The Order of Hellsing

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[Feb. 23rd, 2006|06:06 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
Walter was finishing up his work on the newest addition to the Hellsing armoury when he heard the announcement comming from his quarters. He quietly got up and went to watch the broadcast on the local news channel. He stood frozen and paled as he watched it.  ...Three fully armed squadrons attacked the Queens motorcade early this morning.  Her Royal Majesty was travelling to the Londen Conference Center for a meeting with foreign dignitaries when the front guard car was struck with heavy fire.  Her Majesty has safely returned to the Royal Palace, where she has deemed that she will stay until the aggressor is found and dealt with.  The culprit....  Sir Hellsing must be notified immediately.

Walter took off his black apron and his metal working gloves.  Placing the new weapon into its custom made box, he put is white gloves back on.  He recalled hearing Sir Integra walking down to Alucards quarters not too long ago, and started to make his way down to the basement with a feeling of dread hanging on his shoulders.

Who would have done this?  Walter began to run through the possibilites on his way down.  The middle east was always a good possibility, but considering that their dignitaries were slated to be at the meeting as well, Walter very much doubted they would have taken this action.  That means the attack came from within the country,  Walter concluded.  The Vatican would not have been so audacious as to make this sort of attack.  Even if they didn't support the Queen, they would not be ignorant enough to make a frontal assault on her.  Walter could not think of any other groups that would have ill intentions for Her Majesty.

As Walter approached Alucards quarters, he saw the Lady of the house, with a look to kill on her face, turning to walk away from Alucard.  She will not like this news, Walter thought.  Especially if she has just had a 'talking to' with Alucard.

"Lady Integra, Sir Alucard, I apologize for the interruption, but I believe there is something you both should see..."

From: integraty
2006-02-26 08:02 pm (UTC)
((So sorry that took so long.))

Integra stopped in her tracks, glaring up irritably at Walter. One hand had already begun reaching for her cigars, which she always kept in an inner pocket of her jacket.

"Yes, what is it?" she asked, her tone a bit more snappish than usual. Talking to Alucard did that to her sometimes.
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From: waltershinigami
2006-02-26 08:23 pm (UTC)
Ignoring his masters tone of voice, he replied, "The Queens motorcade was attacked. The local news channels have the reports playing on repeat. Something must be done, Lady Integra."

Walter smoothly turned on his heel and started walking back towards the main floor, knowing Integra would not be long in following.
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From: integraty
2006-02-26 09:46 pm (UTC)
Had Integra been a less-composed sort of person, her mouth probably would have fallen open. Thankfully, years of practice had stopped that sort of thing. She stood still for a few moments before quickly stepping after Walter. If Alucard wanted to come, it was his own choice.

"Any leads?" she asked, fishing around in her pocket for that elusive cigar. "We can't waste another minute in this, Walter."
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From: waltershinigami
2006-02-26 09:57 pm (UTC)
Calmly climbing up the slightly musty steps, Walter glanced behind him. He couldn't show his own distress or surprise in the matter. He had to remain a stoic source of stability.

"We can immediately rule out the Vatican's Section XIII assassins. They would not be foolish enough to attack the Queen in broad daylight. Also the middle eastern empires would not be foolish enough to attack a country in which they had ambassadors. At this point, there are no real leads." Walter paused, "And it will please you to know that the Queen is uninjured, and has returned to the saftey of the palace."

He reached the top of the stairway and opened the door, holding it for his master, who was only a few seconds behind him.

"You must take the initiative, Sir Hellsing. For, as you said, we can not afford to waste time. What are your orders?"
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From: integraty
2006-02-26 11:09 pm (UTC)
She lit the cigar as she ascended the steep stairway, nodding in response to Walter's explanation. This had shaken her up quite a bit, especially when you considered that her own organization had been attacked only very recently.

"You're absolutely right, Walter," she said in response to his second comment. "Alucard," she looked over her shoulder at him. "I need you to find out who is responsible for this and where they are at the moment while we organize our forces." She turned back to Walter. "Get the mercenaries together and inform the Police Girl of this." Integra sighed irritably at the mention of Seras. "She may not be of much use but she has to know what's going on in case we end up doing battle at night."
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[User Picture]From: bloody_count
2006-02-26 11:47 pm (UTC)
Although Walter had addressed him directly, Sir Hellsing had taken the focus of the conversation. Which didn't bother him. The Midian had been eavesdropping anyway, as usual. The keywords had pricked his attention: Queen, attacked, assassins, battle, Section XIII.

He didn't move from his chair, but listened nevertheless as the Hellsing head and her loyal retainer exited his basement. But as his master turned at the top of the stair and gave him orders, his toothy grin spread and he leered wonderfully. Red eyes flamed briefly. "Yes, Master," he replied and simply faded from their view.

Although not normally used for intelligence gathering, Alucard did have a few tricks that would expedite things greatly in this matter. While most operatives would have to prowl the streets of London searching for scant clues, the vampire simply decided to skip the middlemen per se, and go directly to the source.

The Vampire Alucard was off to Buckingham Palace, to meet with Queen Elizabeth, ruler of all England. What joyous fun.
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From: waltershinigami
2006-02-26 11:58 pm (UTC)
"As you wish, Sir Hellsing."

Walter knew where the mercenaries were at the moment, and headed for the upstairs conference room. He also needed to find Seras, but considering how the Flying Geese's leader had an eye for her, he most likely knew where she was, if she was not with him already.

Walter paused on the steps and turned back to the Lady Hellsing, "I will bring them to your office when I find them. Then you can give out your orders specifically. Oh, and Alucard, I have a present for you when you have the chance."

Continuing up the stairs and opened the door to the conference room. "Sir Pip, the Lady Integra requires your presence."
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From: integraty
2006-02-27 12:48 am (UTC)
Integra nodded to the both of them before setting off in the direction of her office. Alucard had his orders and they were specific enough for him not to go off on a killing spree or anything.

She lit the cigar that had been hanging from her fingertips and inhaled deeply, blowing out a cloud of smoke as she stepped into her office. Attacks on the Queen simply weren't tolerated.
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From: capt_pip
2006-02-27 03:21 am (UTC)
Pip flipped the television set off. Someone had the nerve to attack the Queen. He figured that they’d want him and his Wild Geese to go and gather information. So long as he was still getting paid, he didn’t care what he was doing. He flicked his lighter open and lit a cigarette. This wasn’t the worst job he’d had. And so long as he was getting paid, he’d work for this Hellsing Organization.

He could hear someone outside the door. It was either one of his men or the butler, Walter. He had already provoked Seras enough for the night, so he doubted that she’d be looking for him again.

“Sir Pip, the Lady Integra requires your presence.”

Pip raised an eyebrow at Walter. Sir Pip? That was a first. He’d never get used to the bourgeois way this place was run. He stood up and put his cigarette out in the ashtray.

“So how many men am I going to have to wake up?” Pip asked
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From: waltershinigami
2006-02-27 03:26 am (UTC)
Seeing that the Captain had just turned off the TV, he assumed that he had seen the news broadcast, and deemed no explanation necessary.

"Integra will inform you of the mission at hand, and will most likely leave that decision to you. Have you seen the girl, Seras?"

As much as the police girl may be helpless, she could still come in handy in a pinch. And anyway, his master had instructed him to inform her, and he would be sure to do so.
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From: capt_pip
2006-02-27 03:51 am (UTC)
Pip couldn't help a grin. "Probably moping in her room." Not that he had anything to do with that of course.

"Sir Integra in her office?" he asked slipping out the door past Walter.
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From: waltershinigami
2006-02-27 03:55 am (UTC)
"Yes she is, and Seras is not in her room." Walter replied "I suppose it might be better for her not to get involved in this anyway..."

Walter walked towards Integras office, and opened the door to let Pip in. He could already see the Lady uneasily sitting behind her desk. Hopefully this problem could be solved with all haste.
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