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Enter the Vampire [Feb. 22nd, 2006|11:42 pm]
The Order of Hellsing


[I feel |boredbored]
[Bleeding to |The drip of water on stone]

Boredom…boredom was a problem, he reflected idly. Ugh, how did it ever become so? The vampire decided not to ruminate on that little thought. Alucard sat in his large comfortable chair, booted ankles comfortably crossed, fingers laced comfortably across his torso. Just so bloody comfortable, he thought nastily, lip curling in a snerked sneer. Why can we not have some uncomfortableness? Sans hat and glasses, the former hung a bit haphazardly upon the chair back, the latter resting atop the small table at his elbow, the Midian idly let his mercurial mind wander, staring unseeing down his basement hallway.

So quiet. So very quiet. He loved it. Sometimes. There was the imp inside his abysmal brain that reveled in chaos, bloodshed and general mayhem. Again, the smirk. Quite. Let us not forget what we are, hm? The tip of his long tongue curled over the left canine in sweet memory of recent nights’ activities. The “chipped freaks” that so infested his territory. Master’s orders to “search and destroy.” And how he’d done that. Visited unholy retribution and divine justice on the miscreants, the poor wayward children daring to profane his line and kin. Hn. But, as fulfilling as that was, it wasn’t enough. Could never be enough.

A sigh left long dead lungs, the vampire expelling power to force the unneeded air from his body. His mind and memory traveled the long years of his existence, scattered here and there. Ancient years, reign of blood. Former centuries, wading through chaos to reach the ultimate prize: freedom. Betrayal, sealed away. A growl reverberated in his chest. But what was there when all had been exterminated? He blinked. When no more monsters roamed the earth. What then? A return to the dark recesses of nothing? Forgotten and memories denied. Oh, but for his master.

The word prompted his mind to slither along the seals in search of the Hellsing. Ah, there, in the office. Yapping with the retainer about tea brands? A black brow arched. Really, little Hellsing, he thought with an eyeroll, there are better things to do. Such as sending your dog out to hunt, for he grows bored and irritable in this damnable basement with only memories for company. He briefly considered popping up for a bit of verbal banter, but forwent the temptation. She’d be of no use tonight, bitching as she was about the frog mercenaries. Why did we even bother, Integra, he thought snarkily. Just turn me loose and the job would be done. Simple. But damn that; Alucard knew better. Thus his gnashing of teeth. The seals drove him like a damned horse at plow, but eventually every animal turned on its master if driven enough.

With an irritated snort, he snatched one of the plasma packets from its icy bucket, ripped the seal with his teeth and slouched further in his chair, quietly slurping the blood and letting his borderline insane brain drift back to the good old days, when he’d ruled a kingdom drenched in blood. The little dictum floated mischievously through his mind, making him snicker wickedly: history always repeats itself…

From: integraty
2006-02-24 03:21 am (UTC)
She decided that it would be a better idea not to respond to his taunting, in case he pushed her too far. She turned around, flicking her hair over her shoulder as she began to walk away from him. "Oh, shut up, I know you don't mean it," she grumbled bitterly as she left.
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