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Hellsing Drabble- Winter [May. 1st, 2014|01:48 pm]
The Order of Hellsing

In the cold he sat, dusted lightly over with fat white fluff stark against the old red duster he'd grown fond of and Alucard looked aged, the fluff settling like white hairs on the crown of his head. This was familiar. For many reasons. This Protestant country was under Hellsing's jurisdiction, but it was not like the Organization's London. London, warm and dreary and smelling of fish and salt and pollution.

This was harsh and wild, despite the city settled below. He was here on a mission, but this environment lent the vampire some nostalgia. He heard the shuffle of a footstep behind him. Heavy, uniform, a man's footstep. Stealthy without sneaking. Walter's footstep.

"Can you smell it?" the vampire asked, a smile viciously curling his lips. "This is life. The struggle. I feel white must always fall here. When it isn't snow it is ash."

The butler cleared his throat and bowed slightly to the vampire. "You are in rare form. I take it you enjoy the city?"

Walter peered out to his left, a mountain range visible just past the buildings, about a half hour drive out. The range was a row of jagged teeth punctuating the ashen skyline, granite in colour and immense in size.

The streets below were busy with daily activity, grey and slick from the snow's continuous fall. The grey contrasted the white of the snow itself, encroaching on the sidewalks like cloying fingertips, growing ever longer as the snow fell.

The city was dull, colourless, a blanket of leaden and white features that melded into each other. The air burnt lungs as it went down, frigid and dry. Walter felt a pressure headache begin in his left temple as an icy draft of wind punched through the air.

The windows of the industrial buildings around reflected the grey/white pattern of the streets below. It was all around. The only colour was the riot of crimson from Alucard's jacket.

At length the vampire stood to his full length, soaking in the feel of the frigid air, the way the cold and ice hardened the toes of his leather boots, the crackling of the freezing fabric of his jacket, the crystals of frost forming on the tips of his hair. And he looked a grand king again, in charge of his own domain. Eyes cold as ice and crimson as flame surveyed the land. His full, pale lips set hard, his stance proud. He looked terrible and haughty. A blast of wind came, swirling the fragile pearly beads of frost from his hair into the air, where they danced and were torn asunder at the will of the atmosphere.

"Come, Walter," said the vampire king, his voice a low rumble and his lips parting in a manic grin that bore his fangs, "For the night is young, and we have much to accomplish on our mission. Come, Hellsing, and let's raze this town red!"
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Hey everybody thought you might like this site [Jul. 14th, 2009|05:38 pm]
The Order of Hellsing

here is the link to the site Hellsing Episode 1
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Because why the hell not... [Apr. 4th, 2006|10:35 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |restlessrestless]

(ooc: Please forgive me if I’m skipping about or assuming too much. But seeing as how we’re going code blue, I figure what the hell could it hurt? If I need to change/amend/delete anything, just tell me. ^^)

Heinkel didn’t bother knocking. She had already phoned ahead that she and Yumie would be there in an hour. And if he was in a meeting, whatever it was, it could wait.

“Chief.” She stood in front of Maxwell’s desk, she was too uneasy to sit at the moment with the information she had gathered. “The Millennium Organization is involved with this. Judging by the attack on the Queen of England early this morning and the deaths of the Ministry of Defense agents that we were trailing, they have more than likely infiltrated it.”

She didn’t want to tell him in detail about the M.O.D agents she and Yumie had been told to trail. The sight of their remains was going to prevent her from eating for the rest of the day…

“The agents were taken out by ghouls. It seems a fair number of them…escaped death. We managed to find one of the agents in the streets, very much a ghoul…before he was killed he spoke of his Fuhrer and his last words were ‘Millennium’. I very much suspect that the attacks on both the M.O.D agents and the attack on the Queen of England were done by the same group.”

She stopped there and waited for his reaction and orders.
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2006|08:32 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |calmcalm]

“Yeah?” Pip called into the phone. Hopefully one of his men had found something.

This was going nowhere fast. His men had found no trace of the Nazi’s that had attacked the queen lingering in London. He knew they wouldn’t stick around for long after an attack like that, especially if they feared they were ID-ed. This mission was nothing short of boring.

“You found what?” Pip raised an eyebrow. “Right.” Well then, looks like there was some fun to be had. “Don’t engage them unless a civilian walks in on them.”

Pip turned to Alucard as he ended the call and half grinned. “Ghoul’s have been spotted feeding with the Nazi insignia two blocks down. After you.” he gestured down the street in the direction they'd been found.
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I hate my job [Mar. 5th, 2006|02:46 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |Tired]
[Bleeding to |Closer by Nine Inch Nails (Super Mario Bros. Remix)]

Integra sat at her desk, arms folded on the table in front of her. She was calm, outwardly, but she couldn't deny that she was truly worried about the incident with the Queen. She sighed, hoping that Alucard wasn't terrifying someone to death right now for no particular reason.

Running her hands through her long hair, Integra carefully studied her outline of the mission before her. This is too much, she thought with a sigh. This is far too much for me to take in one week. She finally lit the cigar that had been sitting beside her, taking a deep, calming inhale.

Now she just had to wait for Alucard to arrive with information and then breif those mercenaries. Integra grimaced. She hated this job.
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The Vatican Headquarters in London has such lovely guest rooms. [Mar. 5th, 2006|02:49 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |restlessrestless]
[Bleeding to |Boys And Girls -Kill Hannah]

Heinkel sighed as she stepped through the doors to their room. She hated planes. The noise, the strains from gravity on her body of the take off and the landing…and it didn’t help that she felt completely naked without being able to have her weapons on her.

At least she got a room that she didn’t have to rent by-the-hour.

“We should probably give the Chief a call to let him know we’re here.” Heinkel said to Yumiko.

Heinkel took out her cell phone and flipped it open. Maxwell probably already knew that they were there, but she couldn’t help but enjoy annoying him as much as she could get away with. Remnants of her childhood days at the orphanage with him…and the fact that she needed some sort of revenge for never giving her barely enough to cover for her expenses on ammunition alone…cheap bastard…

“Come on Chief…pick up your phone.”

(ooc: Chief? You alive?)
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2006|11:19 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |contentextremely satisfied]

Major Montana Max slowly pulled back the trigger of the 9mm pistol, savouring every second of the infidels fear. A sly, disturbed smile crept across his face as the hammer came back and then sprung forward, attacking the bullet in the chamber. He never broke his gaze from his targets eyes as the bullet exploded from the chamber with a beautifully resounding pop, and lodged itself into the frontal lobe of his preys brain, with only a minor spray of blood coming from the newly formed hole in the targets forehead.

He turned around to face Lt. Zorin, and handed the still smoking gun back to her with a sigh of satisfaction. The infidel traitors had stood no chance against the Major and his forces, but that didn't mean he didn't enjoy the victory any less. He took a deep breath, smelling the gunpowder that was still hanging in the air. Of course Major Max would always save the best kill for himself: the so-called leader of the betrayers.

He started to walk away, but turned back to his lieutenant.

"Blitz, have this body and the body of his generals cremated, leave the rest to rot. They were only followers, and thus are worthy only of the maggots." Without waiting for a response, he walked back to his zeppelin, and went to his chambers. The guard outside the door stepped aside and soluted. The Major grinned, one day that guard too would die in battle, and be left for fodder. Before he closed the door however, he instructed that guard to have Rip immediately summoned to his quarters. He shut the door with a satisfied smile on his face.

He went and sat in his large leather chair behind his finely crafted red oak desk. His plans were coming together. The final battle was approaching, and it brought a childish smile of excitement to the Majors face to think about it. He made a metal note to check Herr Doctors progress on the Program updates. Montana Max steepled his fingers by his face, smiling with all the content in the world, and waited.
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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2006|06:06 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
Walter was finishing up his work on the newest addition to the Hellsing armoury when he heard the announcement comming from his quarters. He quietly got up and went to watch the broadcast on the local news channel. He stood frozen and paled as he watched it.  ...Three fully armed squadrons attacked the Queens motorcade early this morning.  Her Royal Majesty was travelling to the Londen Conference Center for a meeting with foreign dignitaries when the front guard car was struck with heavy fire.  Her Majesty has safely returned to the Royal Palace, where she has deemed that she will stay until the aggressor is found and dealt with.  The culprit....  Sir Hellsing must be notified immediately.

Walter took off his black apron and his metal working gloves.  Placing the new weapon into its custom made box, he put is white gloves back on.  He recalled hearing Sir Integra walking down to Alucards quarters not too long ago, and started to make his way down to the basement with a feeling of dread hanging on his shoulders.

Who would have done this?  Walter began to run through the possibilites on his way down.  The middle east was always a good possibility, but considering that their dignitaries were slated to be at the meeting as well, Walter very much doubted they would have taken this action.  That means the attack came from within the country,  Walter concluded.  The Vatican would not have been so audacious as to make this sort of attack.  Even if they didn't support the Queen, they would not be ignorant enough to make a frontal assault on her.  Walter could not think of any other groups that would have ill intentions for Her Majesty.

As Walter approached Alucards quarters, he saw the Lady of the house, with a look to kill on her face, turning to walk away from Alucard.  She will not like this news, Walter thought.  Especially if she has just had a 'talking to' with Alucard.

"Lady Integra, Sir Alucard, I apologize for the interruption, but I believe there is something you both should see..."
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Enter the Vampire [Feb. 22nd, 2006|11:42 pm]
The Order of Hellsing

[I feel |boredbored]
[Bleeding to |The drip of water on stone]

Boredom…boredom was a problem, he reflected idly. Ugh, how did it ever become so? The vampire decided not to ruminate on that little thought. Alucard sat in his large comfortable chair, booted ankles comfortably crossed, fingers laced comfortably across his torso. Just so bloody comfortable, he thought nastily, lip curling in a snerked sneer. Why can we not have some uncomfortableness? Sans hat and glasses, the former hung a bit haphazardly upon the chair back, the latter resting atop the small table at his elbow, the Midian idly let his mercurial mind wander, staring unseeing down his basement hallway.

So quiet. So very quiet. He loved it. Sometimes. There was the imp inside his abysmal brain that reveled in chaos, bloodshed and general mayhem. Again, the smirk. Quite. Let us not forget what we are, hm? The tip of his long tongue curled over the left canine in sweet memory of recent nights’ activities. The “chipped freaks” that so infested his territory. Master’s orders to “search and destroy.” And how he’d done that. Visited unholy retribution and divine justice on the miscreants, the poor wayward children daring to profane his line and kin. Hn. But, as fulfilling as that was, it wasn’t enough. Could never be enough.

A sigh left long dead lungs, the vampire expelling power to force the unneeded air from his body. His mind and memory traveled the long years of his existence, scattered here and there. Ancient years, reign of blood. Former centuries, wading through chaos to reach the ultimate prize: freedom. Betrayal, sealed away. A growl reverberated in his chest. But what was there when all had been exterminated? He blinked. When no more monsters roamed the earth. What then? A return to the dark recesses of nothing? Forgotten and memories denied. Oh, but for his master.

The word prompted his mind to slither along the seals in search of the Hellsing. Ah, there, in the office. Yapping with the retainer about tea brands? A black brow arched. Really, little Hellsing, he thought with an eyeroll, there are better things to do. Such as sending your dog out to hunt, for he grows bored and irritable in this damnable basement with only memories for company. He briefly considered popping up for a bit of verbal banter, but forwent the temptation. She’d be of no use tonight, bitching as she was about the frog mercenaries. Why did we even bother, Integra, he thought snarkily. Just turn me loose and the job would be done. Simple. But damn that; Alucard knew better. Thus his gnashing of teeth. The seals drove him like a damned horse at plow, but eventually every animal turned on its master if driven enough.

With an irritated snort, he snatched one of the plasma packets from its icy bucket, ripped the seal with his teeth and slouched further in his chair, quietly slurping the blood and letting his borderline insane brain drift back to the good old days, when he’d ruled a kingdom drenched in blood. The little dictum floated mischievously through his mind, making him snicker wickedly: history always repeats itself…
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Waiting... [Feb. 21st, 2006|08:13 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |restlessrestless]
[Bleeding to |The Oxidising Angel by Blutengel]

Yumiko stood before the giant church, staring up at it with wide eyes. Somewhere deep inside, she regretted having to leave this place; it had become like a second home to her. It was also one of the first convents that hadn't been attacked in her time there. Yumiko smiled a little. Maybe I'm not such bad luck after all, she thought meekly.

Often times, she would think that she was horrible luck. Especially after people got a chance to meet Yumie. Things just went downhill from then on and Yumiko often wound up bloody and friendless. She sighed and turned away to walk towards the end of the road, bags in hand.

Now to wait for Heinkel.

She honestly hoped that her partner hadn't forgotten all about her. Sometimes, Heinkel was so absorbed in her other duties that she had the tendency to forget about such minor things as--well--Yumiko. Sighing, Yumiko continued to stand and stare at the empty road, waiting for Heinkel to come pick her up.
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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2006|08:36 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
Tuesday night, 22:00 hours. Walter finishes cleaning the dishes from the nights supper, and begins his final preperations before bed. Seeing as how his mind was free from most needs of cognizance, it began to wander. He began thinking of his younger days, when he had more adventures and less cleaning to do. His mind slipped further away as he made himself ready for bed...

~Mid Winter, 45 years ago...

Walter was roused from his slumber by a sharp pain on his forehead. Grogilly opening his eyes, he saw the Captain squatting about 10 meters away, casually tossing a small pebble in the air. The Captains real name was Benjiman McKnight, but everyone just called him the Night Captain, or Captain. This was the first mission Walter had worked with him on, and he seemed capable enough in his own right. Sitting up, Walter quickly brought himself back to his surroundings. They were on a secret, as usual, mission in central Germany. A crucial weakness in the reichs defenses had bene revealed, and they were there to exploit it. They had set up a small under-snow temp base after landing in the early hours of the morning. Speaking of which...

"What time is it, Captain?" Walter intoned with only a slightly sleepy slur.

"Jus' abou' ten," He said with a slight cockney accent. "We figured it'was abou' time ta wake you up. We need ta get an early start."

Walter just grunted his acknowledgement, stood up, and walked out of the makeshift cave. Outside, the other five soldiers in the Spec Ops team were cooking up a small breakfast over a low burning fire. It looked like most of the food was already gone. He grabbed a hard boiled egg, quickly chowing it down.

"Gonna starve at that rate, kid!" Walter turned slightly towards the voice. It was Fish, so called because of his strange habit of puffing out his cheeks when he was thinking.

"Not today, and cut with the 'kid' stuff, will you?" Walter briskly replied.

As Walter had turned back towards the leftovers of breakfast, he heard the muffled sound of a bullet impacting, and then the sound of blood being splattered on the snowy ground. As he whipped around, the decimated skull of Fish hit the ground with a muffled thud. Instinctively reaching for his razor wire, Walter dropped to the ground. Suddenly remembering Arthur's request of Walter for this mission, he reached for his sides instead. Arthur had devised a new weapon for Walter to test: A medium range yo-yo with his standard razor wire as the connecting string, and retractable razor blades on the wheels. Walter cursed himself for letting Arthur talking him into using these rediculous things. Sure they might be effective, but not nearly as efective as his usual multi wired system.

Walter quickly advanced to take cover behind the nearest stand of trees towards the right of the direction of the shot. As he did so, all he could think was 'TRAP' The pre-mission data had shown no patrols that came anywhere near this area. The Captain came out of the tent, saw the body on the ground, and needlessly ordered his troops to get down and be quiet. The teams sniper was already assembling his own gun, and the rest of the team had side arms drawn, waiting in the early morning shadows. Walter looked to the Captain for the signal, and got it. The rest of the team fired a few shots from their silenced 9mm's in the direction of the enemy sniper, and Walter quickly moved 100 feet to his left.

Walter quickly released the safteys on his new weapons and advanced towards the snipers position. Soon enough he spotted him. He was sitting in a camoflauged tree stand, searching for the rest of the Captains troops. He would be oblivious to Walters approach as long as he was quiet enough. And of course, he was. The sniper died from decapitation before he knew had the chance to take another breath. Walter slowly walked back to the camp...


Walter awoke to the ringing of his chamber bell. The Lady Integra required his presence. He looked at the clock, 5:37am, odd hour for her to just want a friendly chat.

***Mods, if anything needs to be changed, then just let me know.***
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(Testing the place out) [Mar. 23rd, 2005|04:16 pm]
The Order of Hellsing
[I feel |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Bleeding to |Dir en grey - C]

(Hmm... want to see if it looks alright @.@ testing testing 1 2 8....)
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